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Determining your eligibility

Applicants’ Guide: Applicants are encouraged to review the Applicants' Guide available at before beginning an online application. Program eligibility criteria as well as information on eligible activities can be found in this guide. Submissions which do not meet the eligibility criteria, or include incomplete information will not be approved for funding.

Active project: Please note that applicants can only have one active project at any given time.  If you currently have an active project funded by this program, please reapply only once your current project has been completed and all project claims have been processed.  Please consult the Applicants' Guide available at

Authorized officer: Your application must be submitted by an authorized officer of your firm  (i.e. someone who has the legal signing authority to sign a contribution agreement on behalf of your firm).

Completing your application

Saving your information: Ensure you regularly save your information as you progress through the online application process. Your information will be lost if you don’t save it before closing the active window or your browser, before going to another section of the application or before changing the language of the application.

Navigation: Use the menu at the top of your screen to navigate through the sections of your application.

After submission: Once an application has been submitted, you will not be able to edit or change your application. Before submitting, ensure your application is complete, true and follows the program requirements as outlined Applicants' Guide at

Application number: Your application will be automatically assigned a unique application number. Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt which includes this unique application number. It will be used on all further correspondence regarding your application.